File Converter is a very simple tool which allows you to convert and compress files using the context menu in windows explorer.

It is open source (GLP v3), free and without any adds or data collection so you just have to enjoy it!

The interface is designed to be as light as possible to keep the application easy to use.

It supports a lot of different file formats:

Supported output formats Compatible input formats
Audio flac, aac, ogg, mp3, wav 3gp, 3gpp, aac, aiff, ape, avi, bik, cda, flac, flv, gif, m4v, mkv, mp4, m4a, m4b, mp3 mpg, mpeg, mov, oga, ogg, ogv, opus, rm, ts, vob, wav, webm, wma, wmv
Video webm, mkv, mp4, ogv, avi, gif 3gp, 3gpp, avi, bik, flv, gif, m4v, mkv, mp4, mpg, mpeg, mov, ogv, rm, ts, vob, webm, wmv
Image png, jpg, ico, webp arw, bmp, cr2, dds, dns, exr, heic, ico, jfif, jpg, jpeg, nef, png, psd, raf, svg, tif, tiff, tga, webp, pdf, doc*, docx*, odt*, odp*, ods*, ppt*, pptx*, xls*, xlsx*
Document pdf doc*, docx*, odt*, odp*, ods*, ppt*, pptx*, xls*, xlsx*, arw, bmp, cr2, dds, dns, exr, heic, ico, jfif, jpg, jpeg, nef, png, psd, raf, svg, tif, tiff, tga, webp

* You need to have Microsoft Office installed and activated in order to convert Office documents.

You can heavily customize the application in order to add / remove conversion presets in the files context menus or edit the existing one to change the conversion options.

The application is translated by community members in 11 languages:

fr-FRFrenchAdrien Allard, Sylvain Pollet-Villard
pt-PTPortugueseKhidreal, hugok79
zh-CNSimplified ChineseSnoopy1866, jie65535
zh-TWTraditional ChineseSedimentary-Rock, jie65535

If you want more informations about the features offered in File Converter, visit the documentation page.

I hope this application will help you :)


File Converter is a personal open source project started in 2014. I have put hundreds of hours developing, refining and tuning File Converter with the goal of making the conversion and compression of files an easy task for everyone.

You can help me by contributing to the project, by making a donation or just by saying thanks :).

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If you encounter any problem with File Converter, you can:


File Converter 2 is compatible with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and 11.

Windows 64 bits installer: FileConverter-2.0.2-x64-setup.msi (~52 Mo)

The legacy version of File Converter (2017) is also compatible with Windows Vista and 32bits platforms.

Windows 64 bits installer: FileConverter-1.2.3-x64-setup.msi (~39 Mo)

Windows 32 bits installer: FileConverter-1.2.3-x86-setup.msi (~38 Mo)